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Brooklyn based MC, River Nelson is about to release his forthcoming album: The Rise and Fall of River Nelson this year.

River began his recording career back in the early 90's when he joined up with The Boogiemonsters collaborative and was featured on The Boogiemonster's first classic album: Riders Of The Storm: The Under Water Album. For the past several years, he has gained much love and respect from playing the NYC underground circuit as well as performing around the US and overseas, with the likes of Talib Kweli, Common, Peoples Army, WordsWorth and more.

With songs already receiving UK airplay, The Rise and Fall of River Nelson will be released by London based record company, The World of Dusty Vinyl, and it will be produced by famed MC/producer Lewis Parker. Lewis earned himself a well-respected global reputation releasing several critically acclaimed albums while producing for a number of different artists, most recently Wu Tang Clan’s GhostFace Killah.

The album, The Rise and Fall of River Nelson paints a picture of the daily triumphs, failures, wins and losses River encounters trying to grow and be successful. The constant rises and falls of every day life. Many songs on the album speak about daily life struggle, but intend to sound hopeful as well. They both wanted to make a Hip-Hop album that made people feel good. Not make happy music, but to create feelings of emotion and hope, this was both the lyrical and the musical approach. The album features guest appearances from Dynas, Jacky Danz, Lil Panama and old crew member Vex Davortex of The Boogiemonsters, with full production from The Man with the Golden Sound: Lewis Parker.

RIVER NELSON is also featured on a mixtape "Welcome to the canteen" released by Canteen Records. The song "There" featuring him and Lewis Parker can be downloaded from the record labels website:

For more information:

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